Thanks for visiting my site. Having grown up in American Fork, I know and love my hometown. There is a feel and a quality of life that must be preserved and, in some cases, improved. Improvement comes from great people pulling together to solve problems and to make a community their own.

It requires the foresight to plan and prepare for a successful future. City government doesn’t solve problems, people do, and I believe good people working together can accomplish tremendous things. I ask for your support this November and welcome input from all.

I had the tremendous blessing of being raised and educated here in American Fork and I honestly believed there was no place better. Now, a few decades later, after having lived in a few different cities and even a different state, I am even more convinced of the beauty and value of my community and hometown.

When given the option, this is where Ann and I chose to live and raise our five children, no place could be better for our family.

However, American Fork didn’t become the place that holds my heart by chance. Rather it became great because of those who came before with a vision, a work ethic and a drive to make American Fork what it is today, and we are all benefactors.

I’ve always believed that life is all about what you put into it and that no one is responsible for your happiness and welfare more than yourself.

I take that same attitude about my community. If I want good things to happen here, see great opportunities for my family and neighbors then I need to dig in and work, and for years that’s what I have done. I feel like my hometown is my responsibility and I take that responsibility seriously. Truth be known I’m just a lot better at “putting up” than “shutting up” and so, for years I’ve chosen to get involved and try to make a difference.

Whether it’s working beside Ann to raise our kids, coaching baseball and trying to instill values, or even serving as a city councilman, I have the track record, the know-how and above all, the heart and work ethic to serve you and our city. And I promise to do just that if given the chance.


Clark Taylor



  • Raised in American Fork and have lived here over 45 years
  • Avid golfer, water-skier, and outdoorsman
  • Coached youth baseball in American Fork for 16 years


  • Married Ann Rasmussen over 33 years ago. Together we raised a family of 5 kids and a couple of good dogs
  • Son of Preston and
    Shirleen Taylor
  • Grandpa to 7 beautiful grandkids


  • Worked in software marketing for over 20 years
  • Small business owner (Advertising Agency) in Utah since 1998
  • Public Speaker


City Councilman

Mayor Pro Tem

Planning Commission

Arts Council

Historical Preservation Committee

Steel Days Committee

Board of Adjustments

Finance Committee

Parks and Recreation Committee Chair

Fox Hollow Golf Club
Board of Directors

Clark Taylor